Writing a novel is hard. Want to know how to find motivation to write even if all you want to do is curl up in a ball of blankets and sleep? Here’s how.

Let’s be real, even people who are the most passionate about their writing lack motivation to do so from time to time and that makes writing a novel harder than it already is.

Hell, sometimes the last thing I want to do after a day of work (which is already writing from home) is to sit down and write a boring ass scene.

Sure, the scene is important, but it’s not always exciting to write. It’s not a fight scene. It’s not a love scene. Therefore, it’s not exactly exciting, motivating, or inspiring.

So how do you find motivation or inspiration when writing a novel when you really, really don’t feel like it? Through trial and error – and a very blunt, but logical person – I’ve figured out the secret to finding motivation to write.

But first, let’s talk about motivation as a whole.

What is Motivation?

I wish I had a very simple way to describe motivation – especially as a writer. I feel like it should be easy. But motivation can be many different things to different people.

Essentially, motivation is the driving force that makes you want to do stuff – like writing a novel.

It’s a force that makes it easy to do the work to get you closer to your goals. That’s the key here. Motivation makes working easier, which is why people love it so much.

When it comes to writing a novel, motivation helps us get a hell of a lot more done a hell of a lot faster. But how do you find it when the last thing you want to do is right, even if you love it?

How to Find Motivation When Writing a Novel

I’ve got the secret. Okay, it’s not really that big of a secret but it’s what I’ve discovered as the most helpful through my journey of writing a novel.

Ready for it?

Drum roll, please….




You don’t.

That’s it! Motivation, in its traditional sense, isn’t what gets you through writing a novel. The motivation has to come from within you. You have to want it bad enough.

There is no outside source you can go to in order to gain all the motivation and inspiration you need to write.

There is one thing that will make your writing a lot more regular and keep you writing more often and for longer.

It’s called a habit.

Finding Writing Inspiration

Instead of waiting for inspiration to hit you, you should sit down and write anyways. Your writing isn’t going to be shitty just because you don’t feel pumped as hell to write a scene – not if you’re a talented author, I mean.

Instead, try implementing these tips into your daily writing routine.

1. Make it a damn routine, to start.

That means doing it at the same time every single day for the same amount of time. No matter what, when you get home from school or work, sit down and write a scene before doing anything else (except for eating if you haven’t in a while).

Doing this sets you up for a habit.

You’ll get home and it’ll be natural for you to just write/edit a scene. You’ll feel weird if you don’t write.

2. Make yourself accountable.

Don’t just let the days go by without holding yourself accountable for not writing. You wanted to be an author, right? And you wanted to write that book.

You can hold yourself accountable in a lot of ways.

You can start a blog. Or you can write out a list to check off. Hell, you can even post it on Facebook. Any way you choose, having a system that holds you accountable will help when finding inspiration to write.

Nobody likes to fail and look like a loser, right? Right.

3. Set rewards.

If you write a scene a day, you get to go do that fun thing over the weekend that you’ve been wanting to do. If you don’t write every day, you have to sit in on the weekend and make up for that time.

Make different rewards for yourself so you’ll feel obligated to write so you can enjoy the other things you enjoy! There’s a reason the reward system has been around so long.

This is a great way to go about finding inspiration to write simply because we all love rewards! It makes our brains happy and it’ll make your fictional characters happy, too.


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